How to Induce an Out-Of-Body Experience!


The following steps if taken correctly, will allow you to have an
Out-Of-Body experiance! obviously it may take time and practice to
master it.

Once acheived, you can

Roam the whole world and far beyond as free-floating consciosness!
See yourself laying there whilst you are above yourself, a sight to
Create anything out of nothingness!
Anything you wish will come true!

Here are the steps:

1) Wake up earlier than usual
2) Stay awake all day.
    Go to work as normal. If you're unemployed.. Be active
3) At around 7-8 in the evening, have a nap!! [very important]
    Set an alarm or timer so that you sleep no less than 1 hour
    and no ore than than 2. [make sure you're not distrubed]
4) Wake up when your alarm goes off. Don't drift back to sleep..
    if you do you will dream.. and ruin the experiance.
5) Stay awake for at least an hour.. no more than 2. And no caffine..
6) Go to bed. Here's where things get interesting!
   [make sure you have a small source of light in the room,
 lamp, door open etc..]
7) Lie on your back an get comfortable loosen clothing, and have
some bed covers on you, or you may get uncomfortable.
8 ) Close your eyes and imagine a word, it could be your name,
it's a good choice because you are used to hearing it.
repeat the word over and over.. give it some rythem to it in your
mind,slow and deliberate...listen for it as if you would hear
someone saying it to you. your mind WILL wander, bring it
back to the word again.
9) Ok, at some point during this you will suddenly feel a shift
in awareness!! A rush of relaxation, followed by rumbling noises.
There maby a strange presents felt.. and a sensation of being
 pushed down. and auditory noises. plus, viberations, buzzing,
 thumping, roaring and babbling..etc don't worry about these
 sounds! they are hallucinations. When you reach this point..
10) Separation!
do not wait for the vibration stage to get to it peak before
 seperating, because the vibration will peak, then drop.
seperate when its calm. Make sure your eyes are closed
 through out. Do not open them,  you will hallucinate
 because your 'physical' eyes are not in focus a
anymore. and you will see things that shouldnt be there.
 Thus ending the experiance.
11)Now, with eyes closed and vibrations 'flat-lined', gently
 rock from side to side slowly. then progress into rocks of
 180 degrees. you should begin to feel newer sensations.
12) You should have now been separated and out-of-body!
you already left the body during the vibrational state, but the
rocking removes you  from the body.
13) ''How do i get back?''.. you just do!
any fear you may have experianced before the shift,
will vanish when you leave the
body vehicle.
you will be amazed and overwhelmed by the freedom and
doors that open up!
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